Our Manifesto

We founded CAST Inc. with the mission of “Sensors Everywhere”.

Measurement is a technology with a very old history, and it continues to evolve. In recent years, IoT and AI have become major trends with the development of communications infrastructure and sophisticated data processing algorithms. However, no matter how much analytical technology develops, the immutable principle of “Garbage In, Garbage Out” never change from the time when we measured weight with a balance. CAST is dedicated to creating sensors accurately acquiring physical quantities using devices and mechanisms based on a deep insight of physical phenomena.

Based on the philosophy of “Sensible Sensing”, CAST contributes to realize a smarter and safer world by providing high-quality and diverse sensors as measurement systems appropriate for the IoT era.

CAST Inc. Founders


Kei Nakatsuma, Ph.D
Co-founder, President

Ran Fukayama

Yuya Tanaka

Kyosuke Tsutsumi

Yoshiko Matsuura
Operating Officer

Makiko Kobayashi, Ph.D
Co-founder, Technical Advisor